The New Open Sensor Works With Your Software and Budget

the new open sensor


The Open Sensor by DentiMax is a true open sensor that works with all major imaging software. It’s designed as a high-quality, affordable replacement sensor that produces excellent diagnostic X-ray images.

“We wanted a sensor to easily plug and play and work with the office’s current imaging software,” DentiMax president David Arnett said.

He added: “Image quality is a high priority and we couldn’t be happier with the results and feedback we’ve received.”

Image Quality

The Open Sensor produces excellent diagnostic x-ray images with quality comparable to or better than more expensive sensors on the market. Kent W. Stapley, DMD, is a dentist practicing in Mesa, Ariz for more than 25 years.

“I’m impressed with the images this sensor produces,” Stapley said. “The resolution is excellent.”

He also saw a significant distinction with this sensor’s image quality.

“With the new Open Sensor, it’s very clear and I would never want to use [another] sensor because these sensors are so much better and they cost less,” he said.

Open Sensor Club

“We wanted to create one of the most affordable sensors on the market that didn’t cut corners on quality,” Arnett said. “With the Open Sensor, dentists don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to equip all their operatories.”

That’s because the Open Sensor is offered as part of a subscription club with a low monthly price of $99 per sensor and a one-time setup fee of $499. The club comes with everything you need, including installation, training, technical support, a lifetime warranty and accident forgiveness. It is the perfect economical solution for dentists looking to replace or add a new sensor to their existing imaging system.

Free Trial with Special Offer

Dentists can also purchase the sensor outright. For a limited time, DentiMax is offering $3,000 off the Open Sensor’s retail price. That puts a size 1 sensor at $2,499 and a size 2 sensor at $2,999, which typically retail for $5,499 and $5,999, respectively. DentiMax is also offering a 2-week, risk-free trial.

“Try it out in your office, we’re not afraid to put our money where our mouth is,” Arnett said. “I know you’ll be impressed.”

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the new open sensor