TEREC, NA Holds First Meeting for 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona



TEREC, NA (Technical Research Consortium of North America) meets in Scottsdale, Arizona.  TEREC  is a  strategic alliance of leading regional dental laboratories across the United States and Canada.  Their member laboratories are independently owned and they supply thousands of dentists with quality products and services.  Their 3 day meeting was focused on best practices, new technologies and to collaborate with industry leading companies from around the world.

At this meeting, presentations were given by James Swartout, President & CEO from Myerson Dental on new materials for improving partials and dentures. They were also introduced to some of the most advanced Zirconia materials and production capabilities from Kerox Corporation located in Hungary. They also enjoyed a lively presentation from Jörg Muller, President, Aesthetic Press Inc. about esthetic advancements in pressed materials.

“With all the changes and advancements going on in dentistry the benefits to TEREC member laboratories and the dentists they serve is invaluable. We are always learning and supporting our mutual laboratories and in turn our customers” says Mike Young current president TEREC NA

Left to Right Scott Mayshaw Myerson Account Manager, Steve Dearien TEREC Vice President, James Swartout, Myerson President & CEO, Kris Schermerhorn, Myerson Technical Advisor, Mike Young Terec President

More about TEREC. TEREC NA is a strategic alliance of regional laboratories established in 1984 to identify, evaluate and develop new technologies (products, processes, materials, procedures and techniques), cost share marketing programs and learn and utilize the best materials, management systems, production procedures and prosthetic techniques.  TEREC members serve as a comprehensive resource to their clients and member companies.

For more information you can visit www.tereclabs.com.

TEREC Members:
Artisan Dental Laboratory – Portland, Oregon
Authentic Dental Laboratory – San Antonio, TX
Dental Prosthetic Services Inc. – Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Derby Dental Laboratory Inc. – Louisville, KY
Edmonds Dental Prosthetics Inc. – Springfield, MO
Eurodent Dental Laboratory – Granada Hills, CA
Expertec Dental Laboratory – Westland, MI
Johns Dental Laboratories – Terre Haute, IN
New Image Dental Laboratory Inc. – Morrow, GA
Perry & Young Dental Lab Inc. – Aurora, CO
Prodenco Group Inc. – Sioux City, IA
Shaw Group – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sundance Dental Laboratory – Scottsdale, AZ
Town & Country Dental Studios – Freeport, NY

TEREC, NA – Main Office – Council Bluffs, IA