Teenagers Who Skip Breakfast More Likely to Have Bad Breath



Teenagers should make sure to eat breakfast based on information from a new study.

Teens who don’t eat breakfast are nearly twice as likely to suffer from bad breath when compared to other teenagers who eat breakfast. The study appeared in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene.

Based on the research from the study, around 20 percent of the participants said they missed breakfast and 36 percent of them had bad breath. In the group of 36 percent, only half knew they had bad breath.

Breakfast has been referred to as the most important meal of the day and other studies have determined there’s a correlation between eating breakfast and improved health.

Bad breath may have a negative impact on confidence and self-esteem, particularly in teenagers. The information from this study may make people aware of the impact of missing breakfast and how it affects one’s teeth and gums. Eating breakfast and avoiding bad breath could lead to positive social interaction and higher self-esteem.

The study also pinpointed the importance of cleaning the tongue, since many cases of bad breath stem from bacteria buildup on the back of the tongue. The bacteria release gases that produce the bad smell.