Tampa Dental Center Partners With Surgically Clean Air to Purify Healthcare Environment

Surgically Clean Air Inc.


Tampa-area dental patients can now breathe easier. Surgically Clean Air Inc. (SCA), a leading provider of premium air purification solutions for medical professionals, businesses, and educational institutions, has successfully implemented its cutting-edge Cobalt ceiling-mounted air filtration system at the renowned family practice, Dr. Nicks White and Healthy Dentistry, in Tampa.


Designed to transcend conventional air purification systems, Cobalt, the latest addition to SCA’s family of ceiling-mounted solutions, revolutionizes indoor air quality without taking up floor space. Dr. Nick Kavouklas, a distinguished family, cosmetic, and dental surgery practitioner and owner of Dr. Nicks White and Healthy Dentistry, expressed his enthusiasm for this advancement, stating, “We’re proud to provide the highest indoor air quality to our patients with the help of Surgically Clean Air.”

SCA’s commitment to delivering top-tier air purification solutions has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner for healthcare providers. Their collaboration with Dr. Nicks White and Healthy Dentistry exemplifies their dedication to enhancing the healthcare experience. The installation of the Cobalt system signifies a forward-thinking approach to patient care, emphasizing safety and excellence, distinguishing Dr. Nicks White and Healthy Dentistry as a premier dental practice in Tampa.

Designed to complete 20 air exchanges per hour (ACH)—exceeding the surgery center standard of 15 ACH and far surpassing the CDC’s recommended 6 ACH for buildings—the installed system at Tampa Dental consists of 10 brand-new Cobalt air filtration units. Each Cobalt unit moves over 1000 cubic feet per minute at a noise level of under 50 decibels. When measured by cubic foot of air cleaned at a noise level of 50 dB or less, Cobalt is the most cost-effective ceiling unit in the industry.

The Cobalt system operates independently of other HVAC systems, ensuring no interference or dependency on existing infrastructure or risk of voiding current HVAC warranties. Additionally, Cobalt works automatically, using a proximity sensor to monitor occupancy and clean air only when the space is in use and immediately after. This allows the H13 HEPA filters to last a minimum of 2 years, making the units easy to maintain and highly energy-efficient.

In the healthcare setting, where maintaining optimal air quality is paramount, the installation of SCA’s Cobalt system represents a significant leap forward in safeguarding both patients and healthcare professionals. Dr. Kavouklas emphasized the importance of this innovation, especially in environments susceptible to airborne disease transmission: “When it comes to airborne disease transmission, the dental environment is one of the worst. After seeing the system in action, I firmly believe a quality air purification system like SCA’s Cobalt is the gold standard. Every healthcare office should have one for the sake of not only their patients but also doctors and staff.”

“We’re gratified to be able to offer Tampa-area dental patients this major sigh of relief,” said SCA CEO Marshal Sterio. “As we exit the Covid-19 pandemic with increased understanding of the dangers of indoor airborne disease transmission, robust air filtration systems will be critical for business owners to protect their customers and employees alike. Cobalt delivers powerful air purification alongside a sleek, space-saving form-factor not to mention energy-saving automation. We’re excited to see the impressive results and we look forward to continuing to improve the indoor air quality of our healthcare offices, schools and workplaces.”

About Surgically Clean Air

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FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.