Unlocking the Future of Dentistry: A Close-Up with Aspen Dental

Aspen Dental
aspen dental


Our editor-in-chief, Dr. Paul Feuerstein, interviewed Drs. Lauren McDonough and Andrew De La Rosa, two representatives of Aspen Dental at the Chicago Dental Society’s 2024 Midwinter Meeting. Discover the unique paths to success within Aspen Dental, from being a new dentist to achieving practice ownership. Learn about the comprehensive support and education system that guides dentists through their professional development, emphasizing clinical skills, leadership, and operational management.

Hear firsthand experiences about Aspen Dental’s nurturing environment, vast peer network, and more. Whether you’re a budding dentist or a seasoned professional, this interview offers valuable insights into the opportunities and growth potential within Aspen Dental.

Don’t miss out on expert advice and the keys to success in the dental industry.

For more information, press play or visit https://www.aspendental.com/.