Take Five with Marty Officially Launches



Woodbridge, NJ – March 28, 2012 – Dr. Marty Jablow, nationally known dental industry thought leader, author and lecturer, has officially launched his web video series, titled “Take Five with Marty.”

Dr. Jablow is a full-time practicing dentist who is known for his “tell-it-like-it-is” evaluations, explanations and demonstrations of new dental products, ranging from advanced dental technology to the latest dental materials.

The format of the program consists of feature reports on dental research and news, thought-provoking interviews and clinical spotlights – all in five minutes or less.

In April, “Take Five with Marty” will feature a two-part interview with Eva Grayzel, an oral cancer survivor who has dedicated her life to informing dentists and patients alike on the importance of a thorough “Six-Step Screening” to detect oral cancer early, when it is most easily treated.   

According to Dr. Jablow, “Eva is a non-smoker who was diagnosed with late-stage oral cancer 13 years ago at age 33 because her dentist missed the early signs of the disease. She knows first hand that a thorough six-step screening may have saved her from undergoing the radical and painful treatment that took a third of her tongue, her entire left sternocleidomastoid muscle, and most of her salivary glands. Her story is compelling and her mission is inspirational.”

During the past few months, Dr. Jablow has been in the studio or on Skype to conduct insightful interviews with a who’s who of dentistry, including Dr. John Flucke (cone beam radiography), Lisa Wadsworth, RDH (implant assisting and ergonomics), Dr. Anthony Stefanou (opportunity beyond the operatory), Dr. Paul Feuerstein (digital impressions) and Dr. Ryan Swain (short-term orthodontics).

Interest in “Take Five with Marty” has been very strong, with several leading dental web portals, such as DentalAegis.com, Dentalcompare.com and Dental-LearningHub.com, opting to include the web video program on their sites.

To view the program, visit www.TakeFivewithMarty.com. For more information on how to become a guest or clinical tip expert, send an email inquiry to info@takefivewithmarty.com. You can also follow “Take Five with Marty” on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

About Dr. Marty Jablow
Martin Jablow, DMD, America’s Dental Technology Coach, is a clinician, speaker and author. He presents and publishes worldwide on many topics, including state-of-the-art dental technology and dental materials. His recurring columns can be found on DrBicuspid.com and Dental-LearningHub.com’s Apex Magazine. Dr. Jablow is also president of Dental Tech Advisors, a lecture and consulting company.