SureSmile Simulator Enhances Treatment Acceptance Through Digital Visualization

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suresmile simulator


Dentsply Sirona has launched the SureSmile Simulator1, an application within DS Core designed to support patient conversations about the benefits of SureSmile Aligner Treatment by showing the expected outcome before therapy even begins. With the use of the SureSmile Simulator, dentists can preview the potential new smile of a patient in just minutes to visually demonstrate the scope of treatment fostering confident treatment decisions.

suresmile simulator

SureSmile Simulator helps dental professionals and patients make confident treatment decisions by presenting the potential esthetic benefits of aligner therapy to make more informed and timely decisions.

The 3D-visualization of the patient’s possible new smile includes automated modeling and tooth segmentation, driven by AI. The SureSmile Simulator is designed to provide treatment estimation and case complexity level for a scan in under 5 minutes.2 Through DS Core, the simulation can be securely saved and shared with patients so that they can show family and friends, potentially increasing treatment acceptance.


SureSmile Simulator powered by DS Core is an innovative software application that empowers dental professionals to transform patient interactions and treatment conversations. Minutes after uploading an intraoral scan from the Primescan intraoral scanner, the SureSmile Simulator creates a 3D visualization of the patients’ potential new smile following SureSmile Aligner treatment therapy. Dentists can easily integrate the SureSmile Simulator into their practice and DS workflows to expand their spectrum of treatment offerings.

“The SureSmile Simulator has been a powerful addition to my clear aligner consult workflow. Being able to show my patients a high-quality simulation, in real time, has been positively impactful in visually reinforcing the benefits of clear aligner therapy. It is fast, it’s accurate, and it is consistent with the high-quality imagery we are accustomed to from Dentsply Sirona software. I anticipate that every SureSmile user will find this DS Core feature as valuable a tool as I have,” said Vishal Sharma, DMD, from Calgary, Canada.


SureSmile Aligners offer a treatment approach that ensures patients and practices achieve predictable results, accompanied by expert support throughout the journey to obtaining straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

In a recent analysis of SureSmile Aligner cases from 2019 to 2021, no refinements were required in 75% of cases.3 More predictable results mean less chair time for patients – allowing for greater productivity for dental practices and increased patient satisfaction. SureSmile provides a comprehensive solution and digital clear aligner workflow that helps expand the practice’s spectrum of treatment offerings. Patients will be excited to get the smiles they have always wanted—in a way that fits their lifestyles.

“With our SureSmile Simulator, we are taking aligner treatment with SureSmile to the next level,” said Erania Brackett, senior vice president, orthodontic aligner solutions & customer experience at Dentsply Sirona. “We are committed to continuing to transform the treatment of malocclusion and enable dental professionals to move forward with confidence to deliver the best possible care for their patients. When patients get an idea of what the outcome may look like before treatment, it boosts their relationship with their practitioner and provides the opportunity to make an educated decision about treatment.”

For further information, please click over to the following website: SureSmile Simulator | Dentsply Sirona


1Requires user to have a DS Core subscription and Primescan IOS. Displayed results are a simulation of potential aligner treatment and not a prescribed treatment plan, which has to be directed by the dentist and complied with by the patient. Actual treatment outcomes may differ substantially.

2Displayed results are simulations only and have no diagnostic or other medical purpose. Actual treatment times may vary.

3Based on an internal analysis in excess of 150,000 global SureSmile Aligner cases started and completed between Jan. 2021 – June 2023. Data on File.

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