State of Dentistry Report Examines Impact of the Pandemic on the Profession

Dentistry Today


After the tumultuous events of the past year, four companies got together to survey 720 dentists and office managers in North America to assess the profession. Their study, the State of Dentistry Report, looks at how dental practices adjusted to these changes, what obstacles remain, and other issues.

“It’s been my experience that dentistry can be an incredibly isolating profession, especially for private practitioners. There is no debate to be had that dentistry has faced significant challenges over the past year due to the pandemic,” said Greg Tice, director of education at the Seattle Study Club.

“I’ve personally spoken with hundreds of clinicians, in the Seattle Study Club network in particular, who have all stated one of the biggest challenges was and continues to be where to turn for reliable information. This survey is a first step in providing that reliable information,” Tice said.

Benco Dental, Glidewell, Midmark Corporation, and Young Innovations conducted the survey between February 22 and March 22, 2021. It asked dental professionals about the impact of the pandemic on them, what has been working well, and what the next opportunities will be. Topics include business outlook, job satisfaction, procedures and equipment, and patient acquisition and retention.

“Every dental practice should have someone responsible for infection control in the office. I think everybody would agree you would never go to a hospital for a procedure that didn’t have an infection control person in charge,” said Chuck Cohen, managing director at Benco Dental.


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