SprintRay Announces Launch of Next Generation OnX Tough for Dental Prosthetics



SprintRay announced the commercial launch of OnX Tough, a next generation hybrid ceramic resin designed for 3D printing dental prosthetics. Leveraging SprintRay’s proprietary NanoFusion technology, this new resin delivers unparalleled durability and lifelike translucency for high-quality, same-day smiles.

“SprintRay was founded on the promise of building carefully-curated 3D printing solutions to enable dental providers to deliver an exceptional patient experience,” said SprintRay CEO and Co-Founder Amir Mansouri, Ph.D. “This breakthrough OnX Tough material represents a paradigm shift for chairside dentistry, delivering customized, beautiful and functional dental prosthetics while the patient is in the chair.”


OnX Tough, a new resin from SprintRay optimized for the fastest 3D printing workflow in dentistry.

The need for dental prosthetics is on the rise, with the global market projected to reach $9.71 billion by 2026.1

In the U.S. alone, approximately 178 million adults are missing at least one tooth and 40 million are edentulous (missing all teeth).2

Conventional methods to manufacture dental prosthetics involve sending digital or analog impressions to a lab with turnaround times averaging 3-4 weeks for some patients. With the advent of digital dentistry and 3D printing, first generation 3D printing technologies have enabled in-office manufacturing of dental prosthetics, but with significant limitations.

“When creating OnX Tough, we set out to design a next generation resin that addressed a key limitation of 3D printed prosthetics today – durability and toughness,” said Sumeet Jain, Ph.D., Vice President, Materials. “To address these limitations we developed NanoFusion technology, a new approach to dental chemistry. NanoFusion materials have a novel composition and form dense polymer chains to deliver dental prostheses with best-in-class fracture toughness, 5X that of first generation technology. Furthermore, the composition brings a perfect combination of translucency and opacity to mimic that of natural dentition.”

OnX Tough is fully integrated with the SprintRay 3D printing workflow and joins a growing portfolio of digital solutions, including:

  • The Fastest Dental 3D Printing Ecosystem: Featuring Pro55 S and Pro 95 S printers equipped with Bolt speed delivering most dental appliances in less than 60 minutes
  • Smart Print AI: Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Smart Print AI makes the entire 3D printing experience with SprintRay automated and hands-free
  • Growing Resin Portfolio: Large selection of >15 proprietary, biocompatible and model materials developed and tested for market-leading performance in digital dentistry

To learn more about OnX Tough, visit www.sprintray.com.

About  SprintRay

SprintRay is a dental technology company that builds end-to-end 3D printing ecosystems for dental professionals.  SprintRay designs and manufactures  user-friendly  and cutting-edge dental solutions  including 3D printers and post-processing ecosystems, 3D printing software featuring AI technology, and innovative 3D resins.

Dental care providers can  deliver  best-in-class service by leveraging SprintRay’s  highly-specialized, affordable  technologies.

For more information, visit sprintray.com.


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