Spear Education Introduces New In-Person Seminar

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Spear Education is delighted to announce a new in-person seminar focused on navigating challenging cases with foresight, ensuring both restorative outcomes and effective patient communication with Dr. Frank Spear.

spear education

“Targeting Clinical Success, Reducing Risk of Failure” is a two-day in-person seminar taking place on Spear’s Scottsdale, Arizona campus on March 1-2, 2024. This impactful seminar is designed to empower clinicians at all experience levels with invaluable insights into predicting, preventing, and managing failures in patient interactions and cases of any size.

Whether the failure was yours or another doctor’s, master the art of recovery to turn a variety of case challenges into satisfying patient outcomes. Uncover the secrets to anticipate risk factors and sidestep costly mistakes by incorporating key considerations into your clinical exam and patient process.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Establishing Vertical Dimension: Understand the natural establishment of the vertical dimension and identify options for modification.
  2. Anterior Edentulous Ridge Solutions: Assess deficient anterior edentulous ridges and explore options for achieving an ideal ovate pontic form.
  3. Clinical Placement of Facial Margins: Learn a step-by-step approach to the precise placement of facial margins.
  4. Periodontal and Esthetic Status Examination: Examine existing periodontal and esthetic statuses, addressing the impact of recession on treatment.
  5. Distinguishing Real vs. Perceived Failures: Grasp the difference between “real failures” and “perceived failures” and master techniques to predict and avoid both in treatment planning and presentation.
  6. Patient Process Optimization: Consider new patient exams, procedures, and appointment processes for both single tooth and complex cases.

Dr. Frank Spear, co-founder of Spear Education, brings his wealth of knowledge and expertise with both failure and success to this seminar. With a focus on practical application, Dr. Spear ensures participants leave with actionable insights that can be immediately integrated into their practices.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your clinical practice and enhance patient outcomes.

Join Dr. Frank Spear and Spear Education on March 1-2, 2024, for a transformative learning experience.

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