Smiles Equal Success on National Smile Power Day

Dentistry Today


Smiles and confidence go hand in hand, according to Delta Dental. In the company’s recent Adult Oral Health & Well-Being Survey, launched ahead of National Smile Power Day on June 15, 53% of respondents said their smile has a bearing on their overall success, and 70% said a smile can make or break a first impression.

Also, 67% said good oral health makes them feel confident, surpassing clear skin (60%) and being in shape (57%). Furthermore, adults who are extremely dedicated to the health of their mouth, teeth, and gums are more likely than those who aren’t to describe their relationships (26% versus 16%), careers (21% versus 10%), and finances (15% versus 8%) as excellent.

“In the national survey from Delta Dental, there appears to be a correlation between adults’ dedication to their proper oral care and a belief that their overall well-being has improved,” said Joe Dill, DDS, MBA, Delta Dental Plans Association’s vice president of dental science.

According to the survey, which was conducted last December among 1,008 representative Americans age 18 and older, adults who visit the dentist at least once a year are more likely than those who don’t (76% versus 56%) to say they like their smile. 

“How often a person smiles also seems to make a difference. Adults surveyed shared that they feel those who smile frequently are often more successful than those who smile less,” said Dill.

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