Silverstrom Group Honored for Treating Cancer Patients

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The American Cancer Society (ACS) has awarded its 15th Annual Jody A. Morrow Humanitarian Award to the Silverstrom Group of Livingston, New Jersey, to recognize the cosmetic dental practice’s commitment to providing oral healthcare for cancer patients.

During cancer treatment, radiation therapy and chemotherapy can destroy the teeth and mouth. Dry mouth, rampant decay, and tooth loss are common symptoms, creating functional and aesthetic issues.

In 2014, David Silverstrom, DDS, and Gary Silverstrom, DDS, partnered with the ACS and established the Smiles for Life Award. Each year, the award recognizes a cancer survivor and provides that patient with a cosmetic dental makeover worth $25,000.

The treatment rehabilitates mouth functionality and helps restore the survivor’s confidence and self-esteem. The highly anticipated “smile reveal” then takes place during the ACS’s Diamond Ball in November.

This year, the Smiles for Life Award was given to not one but two survivors. Barbara cared for her sister Josephine through two different cancer diagnoses over several years. After Josephine was cured, Barbara was diagnosed, and their roles as caregiver and patient were reversed.

“The most important work we are ever able to do is give back to our community,” said Gary. “We are proud to partner with the American Cancer Society with the Smiles for Life Award. It is truly our honor to help restore the smiles of these brave survivors.”

The Jody A. Morrow Humanitarian Award is named after a cancer survivor and dedicated ACS volunteer, the organization reports, and it salutes those who exhibit her generous, compassionate, and courageous nature.

In 2017, the Silverstrom Group received the Great Oak Award, naming it the most philanthropic small business in New Jersey, recognizing its work with Smiles for Life as well as its yearly mission trips to Guatemala to provide dental treatment there.

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