SilverPlug USA Introduces Certified Sealant with Silver Zeolyte

SilverPlug USA
silverplug usa


SilverPlug USA is proud to introduce to the United States the only material in the world certified for the specific use as a sealant for the screw tunnel of any type of dental implant. Developed in Switzerland, SilverPlug contains Silver Zeolyte, a natural antibacterial that prevents the formation of biofilm and bacteria. Micro-movement of the implant abutment allows diverse bacteria to form inside the implant tunnel different from that of periodontal disease.

The clinician and patient will notice no smell when performing implant maintenance, the lack of mucositis and peri-implantitis over the life of the implant.

More than 10 years of clinical reporting has been performed in the EU and elsewhere.

Now available online.

silverplug usa