Shuman Launches Cellerant Consulting Group



Dr. Lou Shuman has launched Cellerant Consulting Group, which aims to bring together leading companies and individual experts to give dental companies resources and tools to grow their businesses.

Services include research, development, and evaluation; website and online marketing; online lead generation; branding and advertising; practice management; CE credits sponsorship; and product incubation.

Shuman also served as president of the Pride Institute and is the creator of its Best of Class Awards. Representing more than 100 years of dental product knowledge, Cellerant’s chief development officers include:

  • Dr. Marty Jablow, “America’s Dental Technology Coach,” in private practice in New Jersey;
  • Dr. John Flucke, chief dental editor for Dental Products Report, in private practice in Missouri;
  • Dr. Paul Feuerstein, Technology editor for Dentistry Today, in private practice in Massachusetts.

“Cellerant is providing dental companies proven resources and expertise to accelerate growth and develop dentist-focused, relationship-driven services that helps differentiate them from their competitors,” said Shuman.

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