Shofu Dental Releases Beautifil II Technique Videos

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Shofu Dental has released a series of technique videos for its Beautifil II Gingiva and Enamel colored composites. In these videos, Frank J. Milnar, DDS, discusses the Giomer chemistry incorporated into these composites and how this technology bio-integrates with gingiva (pink) and enamel (white) aesthetics.

Using customized typodonts, Milnar engages in a nexus of clinical workshops where Beautifil II Gingiva and Enamel colored composites are layered and coalesced to produce natural aesthetics. Both series begin with an overview of their respective clinical applications and are followed by a chapterized sequence of associated technique workshops.

In addition to demonstrating how to achieve pink and white balance through gingiva and enamel colored composite integration, each series presents finishing and polishing procedures concomitant with the skill level featured in a technique section.

All of the videos are designed to function as standalone mini-courses to hone a specific skill set or as complete chapters within a sequence of progressive videos designed to help clinicians master various restorative techniques, starting at the beginning level and then proceeding to intermediate and master levels.

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