Septodont and Tuttle to Develop Needle-Bending Guide

Dentistry Today


Septodont has signed an agreement with Gregory K. Tuttle, DDS, to develop a needle-bending guide for distribution in the United States dental market. The TNN Needle Guide is being developed to complement Tuttle’s TuttleNumbNow technique, a one-step localized intra-osseous anesthesia method designed to reduce onset time and improve efficiency. 

The TNN Needle Guide will help dentists bend a Septoject Evolution needle to the 90-degree to 120-degree angle needed for the TNN technique. The guides will be pre-sterilized, single-use devices and available in boxes of 100. They also will be designed to work exclusively with Septodont needles, and the instructions for use should be strictly followed.  

The Septoject Evolution’s patented scalpel-bevel design is engineered for smoother penetration with less tissue displacement. This means less discomfort for patients, even when used for multiple injections. The need for less force, combined with significantly reduced deflection, means better control and accuracy, according to the company.

In 2003, Tuttle encountered a tooth that was tough to numb, and his X-tips were on back order. So, he figured out a way to penetrate the mandibular buccal plate without drills, ports, or sleeves, using just a 30 gauge needle. This discovery led him to completely change the way he approached local anesthesia, and his patients raved about not having a numb lip or tongue, Septodont reports.

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