September 2016



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Chemotherapy Agents and Dentistry

John H. Hardeman, MD, DDS, discusses the types of chemotherapy agents used to treat diseases (namely, cancer), the side effects of such agents, and the dental management of patients undergoing chemotherapy. This article is peer-reviewed and available for 2 hours of CE credit.

Digital Implant Dentistry: Reducing Treatment Time, Cost, and Manual Skill Development

Paul A. Schnitman, DDS, MSD; Dayana I. Escobar, DDS, MMSc; Sergio Florencio, DDS; Soomin Jung, DDS, MMSc; and Andreas Radics, CDT; focus on how digital technology can improve the delivery of quality implant dentistry.

Anterior Tooth Replacement Made Easy: A Conservative and Predictable Direct Technique

Sam Simos, DDS, shares an aesthetic case in which he used a direct composite resin technique to address congenitally missing lateral incisors.

Resolving Color Variation
Tyler Wynne, DDS, and William P. D. Wynne, DDS, demonstrate how they improved and harmonized aesthetic challenges in their patient’s smile.

Future Trends in Implant Dentistry: Digitally Guided Surgery and Prosthetics

Natalie Y. Wong, DDS, using a series of mini case reports, centers the discussion on future trends in implant dentistry.

Conservative Interdisciplinary Dentistry: A Digital Approach to an Analog Problem

Robert G. Ritter, DMD, shares a case report showcasing the latest in restorative materials and concepts.

Successfully Restoring Class III Composites: The Challenge of Deep Subgingival Margins
Paul C. Belvedere, DDS, and Douglas L. Lambert, DDS, present the technique steps and clinical demonstrations required to predictably deliver successful Class III restorations with challenging deep subgingival margins.

CBCT Imaging’s Insight Into Endodontic Retreatment Success

Brian McCormack, DDS, looks at 3-D imaging’s effect on the success of endodontic retreatment.

System-Based Endodontics: Does Your Gutta-Percha Master Cone Fit?
Clifford J. Ruddle, DDS, discusses how system-based endodontics has now become a clinical reality.

A Mechanical Post Dam Technique

Won-suk Oh, DDS, MS, and Ju-mi Park, DDS, MS, PhD, outline the steps required to create a successful mechanical post dam when relining maxillary complete dentures.

The Occlusion Myth

Focus On: Translucent Zirconia