Scorpion and DentalXChange Form Strategic Partnership

scorpion, dentalxchange


Scorpion, the leading provider of digital marketing technology for local service businesses, announced a strategic partnership with DentalXChange, a dental payments platform. With this collaboration, dentists using DentalXChange will be empowered to find more patients, fill their schedules, and accelerate the growth of their practices through the utilization of Scorpion’s marketing platform and Ranking AI technology.

scorpion, dentalxchange

“We’re laser-focused on helping our clients run their best business and through this mission we’re bringing dental practices the same AI technology that has revolutionized marketing for enterprise organizations,” said Azim Nagree, chief strategy officer at Scorpion. “80% of Scorpion clients using our solution outrank their competitors on Google. By partnering with a leader like DentalXChange, we aim to bring this success to even more dental practices.”

Scorpion’s marketing platform provides dental practices with all the necessary tools to acquire more patients through digital channels. This includes industry-leading websites, digital advertising, and Scorpion’s advanced Ranking.AI technology. Ranking.AI brings the power of AI to dentists by enhancing their website’s search engine ranking, generating patient leads, and ultimately driving more practice revenue. As it analyzes data, Ranking.AI learns from Google’s extensive list of over 200 ranking factors, adapting in real-time to deliver consistent results.

“Our data shows that DentalXChange customers who also use Scorpion have increased their claim volume and associated revenue by 29% over the last two years,” said Paul Kaiser, CEO of DentalXChange. “Our clients are waking up every day to articles and news stories about technologies like artificial intelligence, but they don’t always know how to take advantage of these opportunities for themselves. Partnering with Scorpion will help our clients utilize AI to drive practice growth and revenue.”

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About Scorpion

For over two decades, Scorpion has helped local business owners leverage technology and marketing to reach their goals. Scorpion helps business owners understand their local market and optimize their marketing efforts to drive more revenue. Through award-winning AI, technology, and marketing experts, Scorpion helps businesses run their best business—unifying every part of their business towards reaching their goals.

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About DentalXChange

Since 1989, DentalXChange has been on the forefront of modernizing and innovating dental claims creating dental payment solutions that bring ease to the payments process. Today, it has grown to support a current client base of more than 107,000 dental providers. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, through its own clearinghouse, state of art technology consisting of modern APIs, and secure Web portals, DentalXChange processes over 300 million transactions, consisting of more than 71 million dental claims annually.

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