Sage Dental Doctors Successfully Complete Rigorous Implant Training Program

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Sage Dental, a leading dental service organization (DSO) committed to providing consistent, high-quality care, as well as non-clinical business and administrative services to affiliated practices, recently conducted dental implant training for more than 60 dentists in its DSO network at the Academy of Modern Implants & Dentistry in Pennsylvania. The Sage Academies program enables dental professionals from Sage’s 90-plus practices to receive training in procedures that include prosthodontics, orthodontics, and more.

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The Sage Academies program was established in 2021 to ensure that the dental professionals throughout Sage’s network receive the ongoing education and training needed to remain on the leading edge of modern dentistry. The program’s curriculum is comprised of 100 hours of continuing education that includes hands-on patient treatment as well as in-person and online courses.

The most recent training program was led by Dr. Corey Raymond, who founded the Academy of Modern Implants & Dentistry in 2020 with the goal of offering an alternative to the traditional dentistry model and to provide patients with procedures that are affordable and as painless as possible. Since originally collaborating with him two years ago as part of the Sage Academies program, Dr. Raymond has trained more than 80 dentists in Sage’s network, including Dr. Joseph Ortlieb and Dr. Javier Echevarria.

“For someone who has practiced dentistry for over 30 years, my recent experience in the Sage Academies program was, without question, the best continuing education training I’ve ever received,” said Dr. Ortlieb, whose practice is in Deerfield Beach, FL. “I’m thrilled to incorporate this knowledge into my work moving forward, as it is creating a more effective and more comfortable dental experience for my patients.”

Dr. Echevarria, of Sage Dental in Lakeland, FL, said he put the implant training into practice immediately following the course work and hands-on training.

“Shortly after returning to my practice, I conducted three implant procedures within about a month and currently have five more procedures scheduled,” Dr. Echevarria said. “The training with Dr. Raymond provided invaluable knowledge of patient selection, surgical techniques, implant placement, and post-op care. Taking this course gave me a better understanding of the process and enhanced my confidence and ability to place implants. In return, I’ve provided patients with a better outcome alternative for the long run.”

In the weeks ahead, additional groups of dentists will take part in Sage Academies training in preparation for the program’s annual trip to provide dental care to patients in South America. Each year, a select group of dentists from Sage travels to Brazil to perform unique dental replacement techniques for financially disadvantaged patients, some of whom lack the resources to obtain high-quality dental care.

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