Rutgers School of Dental Medicine Hosts 15th Annual Give Kids a Smile Program in New Jersey

Dentistry Today


One part February’s National Children’s Dental Health Month is the ADA Foundation’s Give Kids a Smile (GKAS) program, sponsored by Henry Schein. GKAS is an event wherein dental teams volunteer to provide free oral healthcare to children across the United States. In Newark, NJ, Rutgers University School of Dental Medicine hosted a successful event with hundreds of local children receiving free oral care and instruction.

Dean of the School of Dentistry, Cecile A. Feldman, DMD, took a moment to speak with Dentistry Today about the day’s events, as well as Rutgers’ long-lasting relationship with the GKAS event. Dr. Feldman spoke about new developments in recent years, and the importance of teaching kids how to maintain good oral health. She elaborated on how the children being treated are selected, who is eligible, and more.

Keep checking The Wednesday Watch and for more updates on GKAS activities throughout the month of February.

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