Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE Americas Business Group Introduces New DWX-52D Plus and DWX-42W Plus Dental Mills

Roland DGA Corporation and DGSHAPE Americas
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Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE Americas business group, a leading provider of innovative dental milling solutions, 3D printers, and accessories for laboratories and clinicians, has announced the launch of two next-generation milling machines—the DWX-52D Plus dry mill and the DWX-42W Plus wet mill. Both devices incorporate technology and feature enhancements that maximize overall efficiency, productivity, reliability, and ease of use.

DGSHAPE Americas

Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE Americas Business Group Introduces New DWX-52D Plus and DWX-42W Plus Dental Mills

The new five-axis DWX-52D Plus boasts an all-new redesigned and optimized spindle and assembly as well as material management, tool control, and improvements for optimum dry-milling performance. The newly engineered spindle offers several advantages over the previous DWX-52D spindle, including 1.9 times greater gripping power, the ability to accommodate 3.0 mm tool sets, increased compatibility with polycarbonate denture and provisional materials, and faster milling of hybrid resins, PMMA, and zirconia.

Users will also appreciate how the DWX-52D Plus makes material management easier and more efficient than ever before. An included disc adapter rack allows for cleaner, expandable material storage, while the mill’s optional C-Clamp accessory and included standard material adapters speed up material disc exchanges, allowing you to move quickly from one job to the next. The snap-in system reduces the amount of time required to reset partially used material discs.

For expanded tool setup and control, the DWX-52D Plus is equipped with a 15-station Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) with a dedicated 16th position slot for a cleaning tool and a micro-switch tool length sensor. In addition, these enhanced tool controls give you the flexibility to select any tool setup combination, customize tool sets, and create unique tooling combinations.

It’s also simple to track your tools, monitor tool life, and custom name your carbide, hybrid, and diamond tools. When your tools reach their life expectancy, Intelligent Tool Control within the DWX-52D Plus mill’s included VPanel software automatically replaces them. Burs are exchanged during the milling process – when the new bur is in place, the job continues where it left off.

The VPanel software also offers Multicast control, allowing you to manage up to four DWX Series devices on one PC. Additionally, VPanel enables you to operate any of DGSHAPE’s DWX Series mills—including the DWX-52D Plus, DWX-52D, DWX-52DCi, DWX-42W Plus, DWX-42W, and DWX-53DC models—simultaneously.

Like the DWX-52D Plus dry mill, the new DWX-42W Plus wet mill boasts new features and capabilities that take performance and versatility to a higher level. The DWX-42W Plus mill’s newly designed spindle has a shaft wall that is approximately four times thicker than its predecessor, significantly increasing rigidity.

Reduced air requirements and having the air flow closer to the spindle shaft help minimize issues caused by milling waste. The new spindle also increases material compatibility, allowing for the wet milling of harder materials like Amber Mill Direct – Powered by Roland DGA and Pre-Sintered Zirconia.

The DWX-42W Plus offers users increased milling speed for maximum productivity as well as greater accuracy and improved quality when milling a variety of materials. Further enhancing accuracy and versatility is the wide selection of precision milling tools available for this device, including ZGB tools for harder materials like Amber Mill Direct or pre-sintered zirconia, and ZGB2 tools for traditional glass ceramics, hybrid, and nano-composite materials.

In addition to ensuring fine detail and consistent quality through multiple jobs, these state-of-the-art burs lower the frequency of chipped margins and failed milling jobs, while also reducing the need to modify cement gaps for tighter fitting restorations.

The DWX-42W Plus comes bundled with new MillBox DGSHAPE Edition CAM Software created specifically for wet mills. This powerful, user-friendly software improves workflow by providing a host of advanced tools and features, such as a quick mill option that lets you select frequently used materials and start milling quickly, a choice of fast or high-quality milling applications, Multiple Job Setup for significantly reduced milling times, and much more.

“With our next-generation DWX-52D Plus and DWX-42W Plus dental mills, we’ve taken two great digital dental solutions and made them even better,” said Roland DGA’s Dental Marketing Manager, Lisa Aguirre. “These state-of-the-art dry and wet milling machines feature improvements that enable any size lab or clinic to optimize production, increase quality, and work more effectively with a wider range of materials.”

Users of the new DWX-52D Plus and DWX-42W Plus mills also have free access to DGSHAPE CLOUD performance visualization software. DGSHAPE CLOUD is an added value of ownership with an enhanced dashboard feature that allows users to monitor and collect data for multiple DGSHAPE mills from one location as well as upgrade their experience with the new Inventory Management Software (IMS) function.

For more information on the new DWX-52D Plus and DWX-42W Plus mills, or the complete DGSHAPE line of dental products and accessories, visit

About Roland DGA Corporation and DGSHAPE Americas

Roland DGA Corporation serves North and South America as the marketing, sales, distribution and service arm for Roland DG Corporation and its subsidiary, DGSHAPE. Founded in 1981 and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Roland DG of Hamamatsu, Japan is a worldwide leader in wide-format inkjet printers, engravers, photo impact printers and CNC milling machines.

DGSHAPE Americas is the Roland DGA dental business group dedicated to the DGSHAPE line of products, most notable as a market leader in dental milling machines.