Retainers For Life Expands Operations to Canada Following Pilot Success

Retainers For Life


Retainers For Life (RFL) announced that it will be expanding its operations in Canada, following a record-breaking adoption rate during the company’s Canadian pilot program.

retainers for life

Orthodontist and Retainers For Life founder, Dr. Amy Jackson.

Retainers For Life, the orthodontic company revolutionizing retention, enables orthodontists to more effectively recover lost revenue with their unique Smile Protection program. Through this program, practices can provide patients with retainers at wholesale pricing in exchange for a one-time membership fee.

“Nearly every patient needs a replacement retainer at some point post-treatment,” shared orthodontist and RFL founder, Dr. Amy Jackson. “But so few patients come back into the office for that replacement. Not only does this mean the practice misses out on additional revenue, but it means the patient’s clinical progress is halted as well.”

Dr. Jackson experienced this challenge in her practice first-hand, which inspired her to start offering an in-house retention program.

“Running a program like this on your own is easy… year one. But year three? It’s an administrative nightmare, and a massive headache.” Dr. Jackson shared. Feeling that frustration led her to start Retainers For Life.

The company grew rapidly, being adopted by practices across the United States, and resulted in Canadian practices requesting to participate.

“When I first heard about this program, I couldn’t help but be intrigued.” says Dr. Ron Wolk who practices in Abbotsford, BC, and participated in the pilot. “It’s been a true win-win-win situation, for our patient, our staff, and everyone’s schedules. I wholeheartedly recommend them!”

“We had a feeling the Canadian market would be quick to adopt this program,” shared Retainers For Life chief operations officer, Lorraine Porto. “But the enthusiasm in which they’ve done so, and the impact as a result, has been incredible.”

The company will officially begin their expansion into Canada at the upcoming CAO (Canadian Association of Orthodontists) event at the end of September, where they anticipate a continuation of the momentum they experienced with the pilot program.

“I’ve been in offices in 6 different states the last few months,” shared Retainers for Life’s head of integrations, Victoria Schoenherr. “The energy and excitement from our customers is amazing. It’s so cool to see staff who may have been hesitant at the start of the program singing its praises after seeing the results. I can’t wait to see the same across Canada!”

About Retainers For Life

Retainers For Life is revolutionizing the orthodontic industry with its shared revenue model and commitment to providing exceptional value to patients and doctors alike. With rapid growth, innovative communication tools, and a global expansion strategy, RFL is at the forefront of orthodontic retention solutions.