RecordLinc Enables Sharing of Patient Dental Records to Maximize Quality of Patient Care



SILICON VALLEY, CA (November 3, 2011) – RecordLinc Inc., a company created by dental professionals dedicated to providing communication solutions for fellow dental professionals, has released an innovative electronic dental record solution for patient file-sharing, dentist-to-dentist communication, and dental practitioner collaboration that will increase efficiency and improve patient care.  

RecordLinc software creates a bridge between dental practices so general dentists, dental specialists, treatment coordinators, dental labs, and all dental office team members can share and collaborate on patients’ files through an HIPAA-compliant application.  The software can be easily accessed anywhere with an Internet connection and enables real-time discussions and patient file-sharing.

This convenient and safe access program allows doctors to upload dental records, collaborate on patient cases, and even form study groups that will improve patient care across the industry.  Dr. Gregory Burnett, DDS, a leading California orthodontist, designed the Internet-based application in order to maximize quality of patient care by making records more accessible.

RecordLinc’s  exclusive network of dental professionals is the largest in the world, which makes it easy for the dentist to collaborate on treatment plans and connect with colleagues they may know from school, study clubs, or simply afar.

At first glance, RecordLinc looks like a professional networking tool, but the real power of the system is the ability to integrate into various practice management systems.  Therefore, doctors can easily send patient referrals and transfers, as well as join the largest online network of associations, alumni groups, and study clubs.

According to CEO and Co-Founder Travis Rodgers, “Our goal is for RecordLinc to be considered the backbone for the exchange of dental records and doctor collaboration around the world.”

Over 600 thousand dental professional profiles are currently loaded in the RecordLinc system, and the new software continues to be implemented in many leading practices throughout the country and the world.  

“It’s time for a change,” says Rodgers.  “The medical field is moving in this direction; why shouldn’t the dental industry?  This is a huge time saver for all dental practitioners.  We feel our product has the potential to revolutionize and improve the dental industry.”

Future updates of the RecordLinc software are already under development.  Forthcoming enhancements for the product will likely include patient and guardian access to the system, e-filing for insurance claims, pre-treatment forms, online prescriptions, and an application to allow full integration into all leading practice management software programs.

About RecordLinc

Dr. Greg Burnett (orthodontist) and Dr. Bruce Bohannan (oral surgeon) envisioned a product that would save time, money, and resources.  The result was RecordLinc — a product that effectively elevates customer care to a new level of excellence.  Created by a dental professional for dental professionals, RecordLinc is a unique technology that creates living patient files online.  These files are able to last for the lifetime of each patient, and can be transferred from doctor to doctor as each patient’s needs change.  RecordLinc users have access to images, communication, and the ability to respond, in real time, with the messaging system.  From Dr. Burnett’s commitment to improving the field of dentistry, he recruited leading software developers to turn existing needs into a functional product and an innovative solution.  Simply put, RecordLinc was born through forward-thinking design, application development expertise, and healthcare industry knowledge directed at facilitating industry-wide needs. 

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