Rania Saleh, DDS & Founder of Oryx Dental Cloud Software Appointed to the Women in DSO Advisory Board

Women in DSO
rania saleh


rania saleh

Rania Saleh, DDS of Oryx Dental was appointed to the Advisory Board of Women in DSO. Dr. Saleh has long been a trailblazer for women in dentistry. Having fled war-torn Lebanon as a young girl, she went on to become a dentist and entrepreneur founding one of the leading cloud-based dental practice management systems in the U.S. and Canada, Oryx Dental.

Currently, nearly 36% of dentists are women and they make up over 59% of dental students, yet women hold very few leadership positions in dentistry. It was not until Dr. Kathleen T. O’Loughlin, in 2009, that a woman became the first female executive director of the American Dental Association.

Being mentored in dentistry and business by women leaders formed who Dr. Saleh is today.

“As the month of March stands out for its celebration of International Women’s Day, I hope to honor my female mentors that helped to form me as a dentist and as a business leader,” said Rania Saleh, DDS, Founder & CEO of Oryx Dental. “Being appointed to the advisory board of Women in DSO is a privileged opportunity that allows me to be with like-minded people that place the focus on mentorship and strengthening one another, allowing for greater success and higher levels of patient care.”

Founded in 2020, Women in DSO is a revolutionary organization whose mission is to provide access, opportunities and mentorship to the many talented women of the DSO industry.

“The time is now for showcasing and elevating the profile of so many powerful women leaders in DSO,” said Dr. Aman Kaur, Founder of Women in DSO.  “With the support and right partners, we can empower and grow the future generation of women leaders in DSO.”


Founded in 2016, Oryx Dental is the only AI cloud-based dental practice management software created by Dentists for Dentists. It is an evidence-based platform that takes a systematic approach to patient care and practice management.

Software features include but are not limited to: comprehensive clinical exams within 7-10 minutes; an advanced patient portal with interactive communications that is HIPAA compliant; real time billing and insurance interaction between practices, patient and insurer; cloud imaging; and autogenerated patient risk assessment and personalized reports.

About Women in DSO

Founded with the passionate mission to highlight and support contributions of women in Dental Support Organizations, this nonprofit organization was created in 2020 to provide a platform to advance women leadership via empowered networking, mentorship, and progressive programs highlighting, strengthening, and supporting contributions of the many bright women leaders in DSO.

Learn more about membership at womenindso.org.

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