ProSmile Launches SmartArches Dental Implants



ProSmile has announced the launch of its new national brand, SmartArches Dental Implants (“SmartArches”). SmartArches locations are specialty dental offices offering patients a full array of affordable and reliable dental implant services, including implants and full mouth reconstruction. SmartArches currently serves patients at four locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with plans to expand to eight states in 2023.


“We are thrilled to expand upon ProSmile’s strong foundation of dentists and patients through the launch of SmartArches,” said Hugh Carey II, President and CEO of ProSmile. “Just like all our practices, SmartArches is committed to offering the best service at the best prices for our patients. We are developing a network of the nation’s leading implant centers with a focus on technology and affordability, and we strive to make implants and full mouth reconstructions accessible to more people than ever before.”

Dr. Dennis Tarnow, chief clinical advisor at ProSmile and nationally recognized dental implant specialist, said, “SmartArches has drawn on world-class dental expertise to help restore health and confidence to its communities through dental implants. We are partnering with first class full mouth implant surgeons across the country so that we can take on the most complicated cases and provide the very best outcomes.”

“SmartArches’ goal is to help patients rediscover what it means to smile with confidence,” said Dr. Simon Oh, chief clinical officer of ProSmile and co-founder of SmartArches. “We aim to break down the barriers that prevent many people from visiting the dentist by creating a welcoming environment and a safe space for our patients. Furthermore, we are committed to the mantra of ‘leave no patient behind’. With our advanced technology, even patients with little to no bone can still get full mouth implants at SmartArches locations.”

In addition to offering world-class services to patients, SmartArches is committed to making an impact in its communities and has pledged to give away free procedures every quarter to patients who need it most.

About ProSmile

Founded in December 2020, ProSmile is a leading multi-specialty dental services organization with a network of more than 1,200 premier healthcare professionals serving patients in more than 80 locations throughout the U.S. ProSmile’s practices offer a range of services from basic exams and cleanings to specialty services, including pediatrics, endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, and oral surgery.