Professional Transition Strategies Facilitates 30 Dental Practice Transitions in Q1 2024

Professional Transition Strategies


Professional Transition Strategies (PTS), a company that facilitates dental practice purchases and mergers & acquisitions, is ecstatic to report it facilitated 30 practice transitions for dental entrepreneurs around the country in Q1 2024.

Professional Transition Strategies

Professional Transition Strategies

As the trusted authority in practice transitions, we are pleased to present the following achievements from the past quarter:

  • 30 Successful Transactions: PTS facilitated 30 dental practice transitions, amounting to an enterprise value of $73 million, assisting dentists in achieving their financial goals and ensuring smooth practice handovers.
  • 45 New Practices Brought to Market: 45 dental entrepreneurs turned to our team of expert brokers to test the market and begin sourcing competitive offers.
  • $500 Million in Collections: Practices brought to market with us boasted a total collection value of $500 million, underscoring our industry-leading brokerage services that link quality buyers with premium opportunities.
  • 147 Prospectuses Created: Our team produced 147 comprehensive prospectuses, equipping both buyers and sellers with the essentials for informed decision-making during the transition process.
  • Over $10.5 million total EBITDA of practices sold: We’re thrilled to report an average EBITDA of $620,000 across the practices involved in our deals which totals over $10.5 million.
  • 1,700 Practice Inquiries: Our proactive marketing strategies led to the generation of 1,700 inquiries, presenting a diverse range of dental practices to prospective DSO and individual buyers.

A highlight of the quarter was orchestrating a joint venture deal for a two-location general dentistry practice, with growth opportunities. Initially valued at $7.6 million with a 39% profit margin, we proactively marketed the practice and received interest from 64 qualified parties. In the end, the practice transacted for $28 million to a DSO that offers the doctor-owners future growth options.

“We take huge pride in the exceptional outcomes we deliver for the docs who seek our transition expertise,” said Kyle Francis, founder and president of PTS. “We’re proud of the strong start to 2024 and look forward to continuing to connect doctor-owners with the unique wealth-building opportunities that are available through the industry’s consolidation wave.”

As the second quarter begins, PTS is geared up for further growth as the preferred partner for dental professionals seeking a seamless career transition. To learn more about our services or to explore dental practice transition opportunities, please visit

About Professional Transition Strategies

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, Professional Transition Strategies helps dentists buy, sell or start practices, move to new offices or expand at a current location. The company is committed to client success and provides expert consulting services to help dental professionals improve operations, marketing, accounting and other facets of practice management. Find out more about PTS at