Universal Restorative Material Matches Natural Tooth Structure

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Crafted for both simple, single-shade cases or more complex cases utilizing a layering technique, the Evanesce Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative Material from CLINICIAN’S CHOICE is designed to perfectly match natural tooth structure. 

Formulated with a proprietary process to optimize the refractive index of its unique nanopigments and fillers, EVANESCE offers exceptional polishability and aesthetics, with margins that disappear, according to the company. It also requires fewer layers of composite and exhibits excellent handling properties, CLINICIAN’S CHOICE reports, allowing clinicians to sculpt the most detailed anatomy without slumping.

Featuring high strength and low shrinkage (2%), EVANESCE suits anterior and posterior restorations and packs into Class I and II restorations. It is available in the most popular VITA shades with 3 opacity options: Universal (85% opacity), Enamel (80% opacity), and Dentin (90% opacity). And to further enhance aesthetic enamel characterization, 3 enamel “FX” shades—White, Incisal and Clear—as well as 2 bleach shades are available.

EVANESCE is distributed exclusively through Henry Schein Dental. For more information, call CLINICIAN’S CHOICE Dental Products at (800) 265-3444 or visit clinicianschoice.com

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