Universal Composite Matches All Patients’ Tooth Shades

Richard Gawel


Tokuyama Dental America’s OMNICHROMA is the first universal composite that matches every patient’s tooth shade, from A1 to D4, with a single shade of composite, according to the company. Utilizing structural color to match every tooth shade, its 260-nm fillers are the precise shape and size necessary to generate red-to-yellow structural color as ambient light passes through the composite, Tokuyama says. The red-to-yellow color combines with the reflected color of the patient’s surrounding dentition, resulting in a perfect match with no added dyes or pigments, the company adds. It is designed to save doctors time and money by removing the need for shade selecting and eliminating the need to keep excess product for incidental shades. It streamlines the restorative process, says Tokuyama, providing a single shade composite for every shade of tooth.

For more information, call Tokuyama Dental America at (877) 378-3548 or visit tokuyama-us.com.

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