Universal Cement Simplifies Cementation Process

Richard Gawel


KaVo Kerr’s Nexus Universal adhesive resin cement cuts procedure steps in half while delivering twice the bond strength of alternatives on any substrate, according to the company. It also is designed to offer a flexible workflow to accommodate a clinician’s preferred cementation technique and stay confident in a strong bond.

“Nexus Universal provides the simplicity and flexibility clinicians are looking for in aesthetic restorations when color stability and bond strength is required,” said Yoshita Chaudhri, senior marketing manager at KaVo Kerr.

“With Nexus Universal, clinicians have the choice of using a primer or not, light curing, using a dual-cure activator, or skipping those steps entirely with a quick dark cure. They can continue using their preferred protocols and be confident in a strong bond,” Chaudhri said.

Nexus Universal is the first cement to offer total dark-cure compatibility with any leading universal bonding agent including OptiBond adhesives, KaVo Kerr says. For added convenience and confidence, Nexus Universal is available in a kit that includes OptiBond Universal, which provides one of the highest bond strengths in dark-cure or self-cure mode, the company says.

Like all Nexus products, Nexus Universal also offers One-Peel cleanup. A Chroma cement option offers both One-Peel cleanup and a smart new pink indicator. With this option, the cement’s pink coloration fades to alert practitioners of the optimal window to clean up excess cement. Doctors also can choose tack-cure or self-cure for more control over single or multiple crowns.

With its proprietary redox indicator system, Nexus Universal virtually eliminates discoloration for better color stability and long-term appearance, KaVo Kerr says, making it ideal for ceramic and porcelain CAD/CAM restorations. It is compatible with a full range of indirect restorations as well, including resin, zirconia, gold, base metal alloys, alumina, lithium disilicate (e.max), titanium, PFM, and PFZ. 

For more information, call (800) KERR-123 or visit go.kerrdental.com/NexusUniversal.

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