Software Update Streamlines Patient Flow

Richard Gawel


Carestream Dental’s OrthoTrac v15.1.3 updates the software’s Patient Flow feature to aid in patient identification and time management to move patients smoothly through their appointment, reducing the number of people in the office and preventing unnecessary contact to improve social distancing, according to the company.

With v15.1.3, users can easily enlarge a patient’s Snapshot image to help the front desk recognize patients at a glance and either move them to the operatory or ask them to wait, whether that’s in a designated area or in their car in the parking lot.

Also, the Patient Flow light bar now lets users know where each patient is on their appointment journey. New colors and fonts make it easier to read, Carestream said, while timers now show exactly how many minutes are left in an appointment. The updates also make it easier to see when patients are early and when appointments are on time or running over, the company said.

“Practices have to be even more careful with their time these days,” said Ed Shellard, DMD, chief dental officer at Carestream. “These improvements to the Patient Flow help orthodontic offices manage every minute of an appointment wisely by tracking patients within the practice.”

To reduce the chance of patients milling around and coming into avoidable contact with each other, a chart at the bottom of the updated light bar shows how many patients are in each area of the practice. This lets team members reduce contact among patients so they can better adhere to social distancing, Carestream said.

OrthoTrac v15.1.3 also has redesigned the Patient Flow user interface to feature a more modern look and feel, according to the company. The updated icons, revamped color palate, and optimized screen scalability that adapts to computers with different resolutions all aid with improved visibility, Carestream said.

To better serve customers, the company said, this will be the first OrthoTrac update to be distributed digitally. Rather than shipping DVDs to practices, users can access an online delivery service to download the latest update. OrthoTrac Cloud customers will receive the update automatically and will always have the latest version, Carestream said.

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