Sectional Matrix System Designed for More Than Tight Contacts

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The DUAL-FORCE Sectional Matrix System from CLINICIAN’S CHOICE suits more than tight contacts. Its DUAL-FORCE Rings utilize dual Ni-Ti wires that provide strong, balanced separation force on both mesial and distal surfaces. They also render the rings resistant to fatigue to provide consistent separation force throughout the rings’ life.

Available in molar and premolar sizes, the rings feature 4 independent tines that adapt to the tooth morphology and exhibit the ideal engagement angle to ensure they seat firmly and securely, resisting dislodgement.

DUAL-FORCE Matrix Bands, available in sizes 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm, and 6.5 mm, are designed to wrap snugly around the tooth. They are thin yet stiff enough to prevent crimping during placement. An interproximal contour and a curved occlusal lip ensure a natural contact is created every time.

DUAL-FORCE Active-Wedges actively engage the matrix band and adjacent tooth. They glide into position with a collapsing tip that reopens once fully placed. Combining the ideal contour and a strong internal spine places significant force on the matrix band to seal all margins, prevent flash, and subsequently require less finishing time.

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