Rare Diamond Offers Distinct Features

Richard Gawel


CJM Engineering’s TruGrit Trough Refiner is a rare diamond, according to the company. Slow-speed latch-type diamonds are uncommon and, until now, nonexistent with these distinct features, CJM Engineering said.

Designed by an endodontist for endodontists and endo-savvy dentists, this unique, 30-mm bur has a narrow shaft with geometric features that maintain the view corridor and reduce shaft impingement while providing the stiffness required for troughing-type procedures, CJM Engineering said.

The perfect companion to the fluted carbide Munce Discovery Burs, the 4-mm diamond portion tapers down to 0.4-mm at the very tip to refine the trough already explored without creating heat or the pesky dust of ultrasonic tips, the company said.

With its slow rotation, the TruGrit Trough Refiner offers increased operational control for refining the isthmus between the canals of molars and the complex isthmus systems of bicuspids, as well as for dissecting the cement-line around posts, CJM Engineering said. A bur block designed to hold the full complement of Munce Discovery Burs also is now available.

For more information, call (805)962-5532 or visit cjmengineering.com.

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