Preheating Device Warms Composite and Unit Dose Capsules

Richard Gawel


VOCO’s Caps Warmer preheats composite and nano-ORMOCER restorative unit dose capsules. It can warm one unit dose capsule while it is loaded in a Caps dispenser and simultaneously warm four extra caps and two instruments, giving the device a total of seven warming bays.

The Caps Warmer helps make composite and nano-ORMOCER restorative materials easier to extrude and manipulate, VOCO said, particularly if stored in a dry environment. Furthermore, warmer, more viscous material will have a softer consistency, allowing the material to better adapt to the imperfections, micro-etch pattern, or small fissures within the prep, the company said. Warming an instrument will make the sculpting of a composite easier and more precise, according to VOCO.

The Caps Warmer has three temperature settings, including 98°F (37°C), 130°F (54°C), and 155°F (68°C). Each temperature setting can be selected to achieve a different viscosity, depending on the material being warmed, resulting in increased adaptation and simplifying application, VOCO said.

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