Polishing Cap Fully Protects Inside and Outside of Metal Coping

Richard Gawel


PREAT Corporation’s Bidra Conversion Smart Polishing Cap is designed for conversion from a removable to a fixed prosthesis.

Existing polishing caps only protect the inside of the coping, not the outside. After seeing poor results with existing products, Avinash S. Bidra, DDS, director, University of Connecticut Post-Graduate Prosthodontics, designed the cap with the dental professional in mind.

With an extended metal rim, the Bidra Conversion Smart Polishing Cap fully protects the inside and outside of the metal coping, preventing damage to the coping during pickup, trimming, polishing, and finishing the prosthesis.

External rough areas attract food, plaque, and bacteria and may lead to soft-tissue inflammation and bone loss around the implants. This tool eliminates these headaches, the company says.

For more information, call (800) 232-7732 or visit preat.com.

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