Partnership Integrates Blocs and Disc Into Software

Richard Gawel


VOCO and exocad have announced a partnership that will integrate the use of VOCO’s nano-ceramic hybrid Grandio blocs and disc as well as VOCO’s V-Print printer resin into exocad’s software. According to the companies, the partnership will provide an even broader material spectrum for digital production. 

The Grandio blocs and disc now can be found in DentalCARD and V-Print in the Model Creator module of the exocad software. The material-related design parameters simplify the production of the respective milling and printing materials and enable a reliable and efficient process chain in digital dentistry, the companies report.

“The integration of the VOCO materials into our DentalCAD laboratory software and easy-to-use presets for the creation of models further expand our material databases and allow effortless use of products from all leading material manufacturers,” said Akira Schüttler, systems integration engineer at exocad.

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