Partnership Expands Gingival Cuff Links Distribution

Dentistry Today


GCL Systems will partner with Darby Dental Supply to expand distribution of its Gingival Cuff Links, which are provisional dental implant healing cuffs that shape soft tissue into a natural emergence profile for fully functional and natural looking final restorations as well as reduced food impaction.

The Gingival Cuff Links system is available in 11 shapes to fit every tooth in the mouth. Designed for easy use, it also maximizes efficiency by reducing repeat visits, GCL Systems reports.

“Darby Dental Supply will be a key distributor for GCL Systems to ensure our Gingival Cuff Links are readily available for oral surgeons, restorative dentists, periodontists, and general dentists alike—truly any practice that provides implants for its patients,” said Mark Blaisdell, CEO of GCL Systems.

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