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Ea-Z-y Primer is a ceramic primer specifically formulated to enhance adhesive bonding to classic porcelains and high-strength dental ceramics, including lithium, disilicate, and zirconia. This 2-bottle system contains silane and MDP, which are activated prior to use to ensure maximal freshness and a long shelf life. Ea-Z-y Primer is a perfect adjunct for bonding ceramics, resin cements, and composites, which provides strong, durable adhesion, excellent aesthetics, and restorations that last. This primer system is compatible with Brush&Bond Universal, Brush&Bond Original, and other adhesive systems. Ea-Z-y Primer leaves a glistening surface after application so that the clinician may clearly see the coverage. For optimal adhesive results for all cementations, try Ea-Z-y Primer ceramic priming agent. For more information, call (800) 243-7446 or visit