Nighttime Aligners Require Just 10 Hours a Day

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Developed for patients with mild crowding and spacing issues, SmileDirectClub’s Nighttime Clear Aligners are designed to straighten teeth while the patient sleeps at a cost of up to 60% less than traditional braces.  

“Millions of people want to straighten their smile, but some customers tell us that all-day wear can be a challenge for their job or lifestyle. SmileDirectClub’s Nighttime Clear Aligners empower customers to achieve the smile they have always wanted in a way that’s best for their routine,” said Alex Fenkell, cofounder of SmileDirectClub.

Traditional clear aligner therapy prescribed, directed, or monitored by an affiliated state-licensed dentist or orthodontist using SmileDirectClub’s teledentistry platform requires 22-hour wear per day for an average treatment length of six months and permits customers to remove aligners only to eat and drink.

Nighttime Clear Aligner treatment requires 10 continuous hours of nighttime wear through the life of the customer’s prescribed treatment plan, allowing customers to have more flexibility during routine activities and interactions.

“While the average time of treatment may be longer than typical 22-hour-a-day aligner therapy, this discreet and flexible alternative will safely achieve desired results,” said Jeffrey Sulitzer, DMD, SmileDirectClub chief clinical officer.

Nighttime Clear Aligners are available only in the United States and cost a one-time payment of $1,895 or 24 monthly payments of $85 per month with a $250 deposit, which SmileDirectClub says is up to 60% less than traditional braces.

Candidates must be 12 years old or older with all adult teeth to be considered for treatment by a state-licensed dentist or orthodontist. Nighttime Clear Aligners are custom-made with BPA-free plastic.

Customers begin treatment by requesting a doctor-prescribed impression kit for $49 from or by visiting one of more than 300 SmileShops or mobile SmileBuses to receive a 3-D image of their teeth.

Using SmileDirectClub’s teledentistry platform, an affiliated network of more than 250 licensed dentists and orthodontists review the 3-D images, customer photos, profile, and medical and dental history to remotely diagnose and, if appropriate, prescribe and manage each customer’s treatment from start to finish without needing in-person visits. 

SmileDirectClub then ships an all-in-one box including every set of custom clear aligners for the prescribed treatment plan. Upon receiving the aligners, customers are required to upload photos of themselves wearing their aligners for review by their treating dentist or orthodontist to ensure a proper fit. 

Customers using the teledentistry platform also must check in with their treating doctor at least every 90 days from the convenience of their home, office, or anywhere else. SmileDirectClub provides 24/7 access to customer care and dental professionals by phone, chat, and email.

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