Nasal Mask Draws Excess Gas into Vacuum System

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Used for the delivery of nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation, the Accutron/Crosstex ClearView Single-Use Nasal Mask comprises a clear outer mask and a brightly colored and lightly scented inner mask. The mask-in-mask design draws more excess gas into the vacuum system than a single mask, according to the company, reducing ambient nitrous oxide in the operatory. Offering visual assurance to the clinician, fogging appears in the clear outer mask when patients breathes through their nose. The soft inner mask creates a desirable nasal/facial seal and is comfortable against the patient’s face. Its bright colors and soothing scents, which include Outlaw Orange, Birthday Bubblegum, French Vanilla, Fresh Mint, Sassy Strawberry, and Groovy Grape, as well as Unscented Gray, are designed to engage and relax patients of all ages. The ClearView’s low profile allows the clinician a greater field of view and easier access to the mouth and oral cavity, and patients won’t need to adjust it to see the operatory monitor and other activities in the operatory. The latex-free material protects patients and staff who have latex allergies. And as a single-use device, it minimizes cross-contamination and saves staff time. Sizes include large adult, adult, and pedo.

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