Minimally Invasive Procedure Reduces Aerosol Generation

Richard Gawel


Septodont’s Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) is a minimally invasive procedure that produces less aerosol generation than other procedures, and possibly even no aerosol generation, according to the company. ART removes dental caries by using only hand instruments (no drill/no turbine) and then restores the cavity with an appropriate filling material.

Thanks to its biological and bioactive compatibility, Biodentine can be placed directly on the pulp and used to fill deep caries, Septodont said. Thus, dentists can bulk-fill the cavity only with Biodentine, which is placed from the pulp to the top of the cavity, regardless of how deep. The final enamel restoration is then placed in the same session to avoid a second appointment as well as the use of a drill in that second appointment.

Launched nearly 10 years ago, Biodentine is designed for vital pulp therapy. It can be used in urgent conditions with no mechanical drill for deep caries treatment during pulp capping procedures with or without pulp exposure, Septodont said.

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