Medit releases the first of its Medit Link Applications with update

Dentistry Today


Medit has announced an update to its Medit Link software with the release of patient communication applications. The new free applications focus on patient                 communication, providing visualizations of potential results to help the patient understand their options and achieve their ideal smile.
Medit Ortho Simulation, Medit Crown Fit, Medit Smile Design, and Medit Compare expand the realm of what a scanner can do
The four applications are designed to aid patient understanding, covering a wide range of uses. Medit Ortho Simulation can demonstrate multiple potential tooth movement scenarios to help the patient visualize a future smile. Medit Crown Fit helps the clinician see possible pressure points enabling a modeless workflow reducing chair time and increasing patient comfort.
Medit Smile Design takes the patients future smile and places it in their image, so they can see what digital dentistry can do for them, while Medit Compare automatically aligns two sets of scan data, allowing for comparison.
Medit Link 2.3 makes scanning easier than ever
The new update allows the user to ignore selected colors, such as the color of one’s gloves. The exact colors to be ignored can be chosen using the scanner. This reduces the number of artifacts introduced by a clinicians’ gloves during retraction, shortening the time needed to conduct a scan.
Moving digital dentistry forward
“’I am excited about what our team has been able to accomplish. Unlike a closed system, an open system such as Medit enables dentists to take advantage of any developments and improvements in software. With our focus on moving digital dentistry forward, we have worked to ensure our most recent advancements are available to all intraoral scanner users, allowing them to increase their productivity,” says GB KO, Medit CEO.