Light Lets Clinicians Cure With Confidence

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Putting you in control for the right cure every time, the SiriusMax Advanced Curing Light from National Dental features a powerful, elegant, all-aluminum design that is built for durability and efficiency.

The light’s 90° swivel-head functionality and ultraslim profile mean better ergonomics, easier access, and more precise placement. Its optical dual-lens technology collimates the light beam for deep, even curing. And, its new-generation battery and charging system provides up to 500 cures on a single charge. 

An easy-to-set, brilliant LED display and customizable menu offer multiple output intensity and duration options from 3 power levels: Normal, 1,200 mw/cm2; High, 1,400 mw/cm2; and Xtra, 3,000 mw/cm2.

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