Instrument Set Designed for Implant Debridement of Fully Fixed Implant Restorations

Richard Gawel


Designed with Alfonso Piñeyro, DDS, the Pineyro Arch Kit from Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT) is the first instrument set of its kind specifically designed for the implant debridement of fully fixed implant restorations, according to the company. It allows all hygienists to treat fully fixed hybrid patients without removing the prosthesis, PDT says. 

Pineyro Arch Instruments numbers 1 to 3 have a unique crescent shape and are anatomically designed to fit around LOCATOR Abutments for removable prosthetic hygiene applications. The Pineyro crescent shape also anatomically fits around standard single-unit implant abutments and other cylindrical prosthetic designs. Utilizing the designs of the kit eliminates the tedious and cumbersome nature around removing the fixed prosthesis, PDT reports, as well as potential issues with the loss or breakage of micro-mini screws during the hygiene process. 

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