Impression Material Pushes Deeper into Sulcus for Greater Accuracy

Dentistry Today


The KaVo Kerr Take 1 Hydro VPS impression material features one of the industry’s lowest contact angles at 10° or less on uncured material, according to the company, enabling clinicians to push deeper into the sulcus to capture better margins and minute details free of voids and distortions. This first-take accuracy reduces the need for time-consuming and costly redos as well as patient frustration, KaVo Kerr says. 

Take 1 Hydro also is highly durable and elastic with excellent dimensional stability, the company reports, minimizing shrinking during handling and shipping for final crowns that better match the patient’s preparation. The material also uses an advanced surfactant formula that breaks down moisture barriers between the preparation area and impression material. This surface activation supports crowns that fit better and require fewer adjustments, preventing wasted time, schedule backups, and delays, KaVo Kerr says.

For the ultimate moisture displacement and accuracy, KaVo Kerr recommends combining Take 1 Hydro with the company’s Take 1 Retraction paste.

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