HVE Holder Enables Two-Handed Dentistry and Aerosol Control

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A-dec’s Third-Hand HVE Holder allows efficiency and safety to come together in this hands-free solution for aerosol capture, according to the company. It is designed for two-handed dentistry while maintaining essential aerosol control.

The flexible arm positions the high-vacuum ejector (HVE) tip to within 1 in of the oral cavity, delivering precise, effortless aerosol capture while keeping both hands free for scalers and other handpieces. The radius design adjusts for right- and left-handed clinicians and accommodates patients of all sizes without impeding their entry or exit from the chair, A-dec said.

Suitable for nearly all models of A-dec dental chairs, the Third-Hand HVE Holder attaches securely to the glide bar, with no special tools or permanent modifications needed, the company said. It comes in two sizes to fit A-dec 11- and 15-mm HVEs.

For more information, visit a-dec.com/360 or contact your local authorized dealer.

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