Headlight Integrates With Any Loupe

Richard Gawel


The Orascoptic Spark cordless headlight is designed to integrate with virtually any loupe or eyewear frame model. Its design dispenses its 1.12-ounce weight evenly across the bridge of the frame to minimize pressure on the clinician’s nose. When coaxially mounted to a loupe, it reduces shadowing in the operating area as well, Orascoptic says.

Also, the Spark’s precise, focused light enhances visibility during procedures. The headlight also maintains compliance with IEC blue-light testing standards. Its brightness won’t diminish over the battery pack’s runtime. A micro USB charger enables users to charge the Spark’s lithium-ion battery in two hours or less. And with a six-hour battery life, a low battery indicator notifies users when the charge is under 20%. A curing filter is included as well.

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