Handheld Device Sharpens Explorers

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Battery operated and handheld, the EasyEx Dental Explorer Sharpener is designed to make sharpening explorers as quick and easy as sharpening a pencil. Users begin by turning it on. Then, they insert a sterilized explorer tip just inside the hole on the nose cone, with the tip perpendicular to the hole. Finally, users slowly twist the EasyEx back and forth to sharpen the explorer in just 2 or 3 seconds.

To sterilize the EasyEx itself, users remove the round silver cap with a fingernail or small instrument. Then, they grasp and remove the circular sharpening stone with cotton pliers and sterilize these 2 parts. Users next reinstall the stone unit over the shaft in the sharpener and replace the cap. Finally, users wipe down the unit with disinfectant wipes. The EasyEx should not be heat-sterilized.

For more information, visit easyexsharpener.com.

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