File Treats Curved Canals

Richard Gawel


Coltene has expanded its HyFlex EDM product line. The files are now available in 21 mm as well as 25 mm. A 20/.05 preparation file also has been added to the line, enabling clinicians to treat curved canals only with the HyFlex EDM system. After creating a glidepath with the 10/.05, the 20/.05 file allows minimally invasive, fast preparation of the canal, Coltene reports. HyFlex EDM files are indicated in cases with calcification or retreatment.


Fabricated using electrical discharge machining (EDM) technology, HyFlex EDM offers up to 700% greater fracture resistance compared to traditional NiTi files, according to the company. The OneFile is designed to increase the number of cases that can be prepared with confidence using just one or two HyFlex EDM files.


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