Entry-Level 3-D Imaging System Suits Range of Treatment Needs

Richard Gawel


KaVo Imaging Solutions’ entry-level OP 3D is designed to serve a wide range of dental imaging needs. The complete X-ray platform makes the imaging workflow more efficient with intuitive and easy-to-use programs, according to the company. 

From general dental practitioners to maxillofacial surgeons and airway specialists, the OP 3D also offers versatile programs for both panoramic and 3-D imaging. Plus, it enables clinicians to intuitively select the region of interest, image resolution, and field of view to optimize the patient dose. 

Additionally, the OP 3D is a sustainable green solution. Where lead is typically used for tube head radiation shielding, the imaging system is designed with a more ecological and environmentally friendly alternative, providing equivalent radiation attenuation. The OP 3D’s power-save feature also reduces overall energy consumption.

For more information, call (888) ASK-KAVO (275-5286) or go to kavo.com.

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