Endodontic Files Now Available in Presterilized Blister Packs

Richard Gawel


Dentsply Sirona’s Vortex Blue single-patient-use endodontic files are now available in presterilized blister packs to dramatically reduce the risk of cross-contamination and make the operatory transition between patients even more efficient, according to the company.

Almost 90% of patients agree that sterilization is one of their top concerns related to visiting a dental office during and after the pandemic, Dentsply Sirona said. Clinicians now can continue to use the rotary endodontic files they trust while building their patients’ trust, the company added.

“The performance and safety of Vortex Blue Rotary files is well known. The fact that they are now also available in presterilized blister packs further increases hygienic safety and helps to ensure that my patients feel absolutely safe,” said Dr. Brent Crumpton, an endodontist from Tupelo, Mississippi.

“We are really proud of how Vortex Blue advances endodontic treatment and enables clinicians to preserve natural tooth structure,” said Tom Leonardi, group vice president of consumables at Dentsply Sirona.

“It is our passion to provide clinicians with a broad portfolio of files for endo treatments. The pre-sterile blisters from Vortex Blue are an important contribution to this,” Leonardi said.

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